2014 - Vol 1 - Issue 1


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Articles included in this issue:

  • The Opportunity of Latin American Critical Development Thinking- Ana Estefanía Carballo
    (PDF)    (Blog Post)

  • Buen Vivir, Sumak Kawsay, 'Good Living': An Introduction and Overview - Johannes M. Waldmüller     
         (Blog Post)

  • Buen Vivir: New Wine in Old Wineskins? - Adrian Beling & Julien Vanhulst  
    (PDF)      (Blog Post)

  • Minorities or Nations? Discourses and Policies of Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights - Roger Merino Acuña    
    (PDF)  (Blog Post)

  • "Churcar" Alternatives to Development - Eduardo Gudynas    
    (PDF)    (Blog Post)

  • Wellbeing in the Margins: Notes on a New Conceptual Cartography - Juan Jaime Loera Gonzalez (PDF)      (Blog Post)

  • Notes on René Zavaleta: 'Abigarramiento' as Condition of Constitutive Power - Anne Freeland (PDF)      (Blog Post)

  • The Brazilian City and the Negation of the Other - Lucas Melgaço  
    (PDF)      (Blog Post)

  • Human Rights Indicators as “Development 2.0”? - Johannes Waldmüller    
    (PDF)    (Blog Post)

  • Environmental Rationality: The Social Re-Appropriation of Nature - Enrique Leff  
    (PDF)   (Blog Post)

  • Nature & Buen Vivir in Ecuador: The battle between conservation and extraction - Jorge Guardiola and Fernando García-Quero
    (PDF)    (Blog Post)