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CfP Caribbean Research Methodologies Conference 2018, Trinidad and Tobago

The Auckland University of Technology (Pacific Media Centre), New Zealand,  and the University of Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting a joint conference on Caribbean Research Methodologies on September 12th and 13th 2018, at the Centre for Education, Valsayn Campus, University of Trinidad and Tobago.

The purpose of this conference is to explore quantitative and qualitative research methodologies that embody and reflect Caribbean culture. The development and use of Caribbean research methodologies are in response to the need to question and challenge the accuracy and validity of traditional Eurocentric and western approaches traditionally employed to study Caribbean peoples and contexts. It is intended to inspire critical thinking, interrogative discourse and rigorous scholarship that address Caribbean-specific ways of knowing.

The conference provides an opportunity to define, explore, develop and promote research methodologies relevant to the Caribbean in order to share knowledge and obtain information in ways that are common and familiar to Caribbean people and their environments. It focuses on research methodologies and includes theoretical frameworks, research planning, research design, data gathering, data analysis, presenting findings, disseminating results and other ways of contextualising research.

This conference will bring together researchers, academics, service and field workers, and policy analysts from a range of disciplines and sectors to share knowledge, experiences, developments and learning on research approaches that are specific to the Caribbean region. 

Abstract submissions related to the following themes are welcome:

  • Research methodologies specific to Caribbean contexts

  • Research studies that employ Caribbean theories and frameworks

  • Mixed method research that combine Caribbean ways of knowing

  • Current and emerging research methodologies that embody Caribbean perspectives and knowledges

  • Transformative research frameworks that engage local and indigenous worldviews regionally and internationally

  • Theories, empirical studies or research frameworks that challenge or question Eurocentric ways of knowing and sharing knowledge

The organisers recognise that some research projects, ideas and developments may extend over more than one of these areas. The conference organisers welcome papers and presentations on research methodologies and methods within and across a range of disciplines though the focus is primarily on the social sciences.

We are taking a broad approach to the terms 'papers' and 'presentations'. These can be reported on in any way appropriate to the theme of the conference and the presenters’ work, including reports, works-in-progress, workshops, poster sessions, individual papers, and pre-formed panels. Presentations that combine different research methods are particularly welcome. We are open to imaginative and interesting ideas that fit within the scope of this call for papers.


Abstract Submission

Abstracts of no more than 500 words should be submitted by 30 April 2018.  Although a description of the methodology is optional, its empirical applications and the potential advancements that demonstrate its usefulness for research and practice should be emphasised, as should the limitations of the methodologies. A short (80-100 word) biography with your email address, and phone number should be included with your submission. Presentation content will need to be sufficient for a 25 minute session which typically involves a 20-minute presentation followed by 5-minutes for questions.

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