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Roundtable on Vivir Bien. An exchange on 'Vivir Bien: Old Cosmovisions and New Pradigms'

Great Transition Initiative

Toward a Transformative Vision and Praxis

Roundtable on Vivir Bien

February 2018

An exchange on 'Vivir Bien: Old Cosmovisions and New Paradigms'.

David Barkin
Indigenous communities are constantly forced to accommodate the demands of global capitalism, but they are fighting back. Read

Adrian Beling
Radical social transformation cannot be achieved in one country alone. Transnational collaboration between movements is vital. Read

Ana Estefanía Carballo
The emergence of Vivir Bien has challenged the monolithic nature of development and revitalized the debate around it.Read

Eduardo Gudynas
Vivir Bien blends indigenous and non-indigenous ideas, with its several variants influenced by prevailing ecological conditions and political context. Read

Holly Hanson
The laudable focus on Andean belief systems draws our attention to traditional social structures that foster reciprocity and interdependence. Read

Aaron Karp
We should struggle over the meaning of “development,” not cede its definition to elites. Ultimately, social transformation will require a mass movement for a development that is rooted in the ethos of democracy. Read

Helena Norberg-Hodge
Undoing the psychological damage of globalization requires both community self-reliance and global solidarity. Read

Neera Singh
We have to radically alter the world that we encounter on a day-to-day basis to give alternative values and ways of being a chance to flourish. Read

Author's Response
Pablo Solón addresses points raised by the contributors to this roundtable discussion. Read