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New Special Issue Journal of Agrarian Change - Open Access for a limited time!

We would like to share with you the new Special issue of the Journal of Agrarian Change: 'Peasants, Agribusiness, Left-Wing Governments and Neo-Developmentalism in Latin America: Exploring the Contradictions'. The issue has been edited by Prof. Cristóbal Kay and Dr. Leandro Vergara-Camus and is free to access on the link below until May 31, 2017. 

See also a video introducing the special issue here in English and Spanish


Journal of Agrarian Change
Volume 17, Issue 2: April 2017

Peasants, Agribusiness, Left-Wing Governments and Neo-Developmentalism in Latin America: Exploring the Contradictions' (Free access till May 31, 2017)


Agribusiness, peasants, left-wing governments, and the state in Latin America: An overview and theoretical reflections Leandro Vergara-Camus and Cristóbal Kay

Women's land rights, rural social movements, and the state in the 21st-century Latin American agrarian reforms Carmen Diana Deere

A coup foretold: Fernando Lugo and the lost promise of agrarian reform in Paraguay Arturo Ezquerro-Cañete and Ramón Fogel

The political economy of rentier capitalism and the limits to agrarian transformation in Venezuela Thomas F. Purcell

The political economy of the agro-export boom under the Kirchners: Hegemony and passive revolution in Argentina Pablo Lapegna

Evo Morales, transformismo, and the consolidation of agrarian capitalism in Bolivia Jeffery R Webber

Neo-developmentalism and a “vía campesina” for rural development: Unreconciled projects in Ecuador's Citizen's Revolution Patrick Clark

The Frente Amplio and agrarian policy in Uruguay Diego E. Piñeiro and Joaquín Cardeillac

Agrarian policies in Nicaragua: From revolution to the revival of agro-exports, 1979–2015 Salvador Martí i Puig and Eduardo Baumeister

The political economy of land struggle in Brazil under Workers' Party governments Sérgio Sauer and George Mészáros

The agrarian political economy of left-wing governments in Latin America: Agribusiness, peasants, and the limits of neo-developmentalism Leandro Vergara-Camus and Cristóbal Kay