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Magical Dispossessions: Nature, Capital and Conflict in Colombia

Registration is now open for 'Magical Dispossessions: Nature, Capital and Conflict in Colombia', University of Cambridge, 28 - 29 April 2017.

If dispossession can signal the limits of our self-sufficiency as subjects, it also names the condition of precarity in which many populations find themselves today. Subjects can be “dispossessed” of themselves by virtue of being moved or disconcerted by an encounter with alterity; and yet dispossession is also what occurs when populations lose their land, their citizenship, their means of livelihood. The aim of this one-day symposium is to explore these meanings of dispossession, and in an interdisciplinary manner that addresses the ways in which processes of capital extraction and territorial reorganization currently mediate interlocking forms of political, social, economic and symbolic violence in Colombia. It is also to reflect on the continuities between imperial forms of “primitive accumulation” and neo-imperial forms of “accumulation by dispossession”.

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