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CfP: Histories of Race, Popular Culture, and Identity in the Andes

Histories of Race, Popular Culture, and Identity in the Andes

Deadline Extended! Abstracts Due March 7
Conference: Histories of Race, Popular Culture, and Identity in the Andes
When: 10am-6pm on Monday, May 15, 2017
Where: Ground Floor, Senate House, Malet Street London WC1E 7HU

On May 15, 2017, the Institute of Latin American Studies at the School of Advanced Study in London will host a conference on the history of race, culture, and identity in the Andes, exploring moments in which cultural constructions of the indigenous and the other have profoundly shaped Andean political, economic, and social life.

This conference will bring together scholars of anthropology, history, and literature in the Andes to answer questions such as:

How have Andean peoples used the tools of culture (for example: music, dance, clothing, theatre, architecture, literature) to fashion national or regional identities, forms of resistance, and political movements? How have Afro-Andean, indigenous, mestizo and creole communities differently navigated cultural integration and autonomy historically and in the present? How have cultural practices been used in the past or present to mock, denigrate, or punish communities and individuals in the Andes? How have certain cultural practices travelled across or subverted spatial and temporal boundaries, including rural/urban, highland/lowland, colonial/national, indigenous/modern? How have cultural manifestations of race been used to perform or transcend class, gender, or sexual identities? How have struggles over patrimony and heritage defined or expanded definitionsof Andean culture? How have Andean communities incorporated social and economic concerns through cultural practices?

We welcome abstracts of 300 words from postgraduate, early career and established scholars that address these and other questions. Please send abstracts, CVs, and inquiries to by March 7th