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CfP: Revolutions in Bolivia

Revolutions in Bolivia

A conference organised by the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London, and the Anglo-Bolivian Society, to mark the Society’s 25 Anniversary.

16th March 2018, Senate House, London

Call for papers


January 2018 will mark twelve years since the inauguration of Evo Morales, leader of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), as President and the start of one of the longest continuous periods of government in Bolivia’s history.  The twelve years of MAS rule is not however unique, and finds precedent in the twelve years of Movimiento Nationalista Revolucionario (MNR) rule, 1952-1964.  We take this opportunity to place Bolivia’s current processes of change in historical context.  We invite papers that reflect upon the similarities and differences between these two periods of revolution, as well as those that take a long view of MAS policies and the striking period of economic, political and social change that Bolivia has experienced since 2006.  The conference seeks to explore the shifting meanings of revolution, nation, social class, ethnicity and transformation in Bolivian history, and the elements of continuity and change in:

Power and Governance

-          political parties, elections and populism

-          constitutional law and structures

-          citizenship rights and territorial governance


Culture and Society

-          identity, ethnicity, ‘race’, generation and gender

-          social movements, inclusion/exclusion

-          media and popular culture



-          natural resources, business and technology

-          informality, illicit trade, organised crime and corruption

-          land use and reform, climate change

We welcome papers, performances and interventions from academics, policy makers, artists, business people and activists, and we are open to a range of potential formats – panel sessions, round tables, film, Q&As etc.

Please send your proposal, maximum 200 words, to by  15th January 2018.

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