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CfP: Workshop on Political Institutions and Inclusive Development

Call for Papers

 Workshop on Political Institutions and Inclusive Development

 Berlin, 10-11 November, 2014


  The Governance Department at the German Development Institute (Deutsches Institut für  Entwicklungspolitik, DIE) and the Hertie School of Governance are organizing a workshop on political  institutions and inclusive development. The workshop will feature innovative empirical and analytic papers on the effects of political institutions on economic or human development outcomes. The workshop is also open to contributions developing new schemes to classify political regimes or measure political institutions and to papers exploring the various governance implications of institutional performance across regime types.

  The organizers particularly welcome papers that aim at one or more of the following objectives:

  • Disentangle the institutional bundles that make up political regimes and examine the effects of  specific political institutions on development outcomes.
  • Analyze the distributional consequences of political regimes or specific political institutions across  income categories, ethnic groups, or other social groupings.
  • Evaluate the effects of political regimes or specific political institutions making use of natural  experiments or quasi-experimental methods.
  •    Develop approaches that distinguish regimes types in the middle ranges of the autocracy-  democracy spectrum, particularly with regard to so-called hybrid regimes.
  •   Introduce comparative perspectives on developed and developing country patterns, including the  EU.

  The workshop seeks to provide a space where authors can receive high-quality feedback from other scholars working on similar issues and to create opportunities for collaboration among participants. The organizers plan to publish a selection of papers presented at the workshop as a special issue of an academic journal.  

 The workshop will take place on 10 (full day) and 11 (half day) November 2014 in Berlin and feature about  15 papers. Each presenter will received detailed feedback from a discussant as well as comments from participants. Presenters might be requested to serve as discussants.  

 The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2014. Submissions should include a full paper or an extended  abstract containing details about the empirical strategy and preliminary results. Please use the form available  at to  make your submissions. Completed forms along with papers or abstracts should be emailed to indicating "Workshop on Political Institutions and Inclusive Development" in the subject line.  

 The organizers will provide presenters with hotel accommodation for up to three nights (9-11 November  2014). Some funding is available to support travel expenses. Please indicate if you would like to be considered for these funds in the submission form.  

 Notifications will be sent out by 8 September 2014 and a preliminary program will be announced by 22  September 2014. Participants are expected to email their full papers at least one week ahead of the  conference (by 3 November 2014). Papers will be distributed to all participants shortly thereafter.   The conference organizers are Jörg Faust (DIE), Helmut Anheier (Hertie School of Governance), Luis A. Camacho (DIE), and Sebastian Ziaja (Heidelberg University).