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Locating Guyane: an international, multidisciplinary conference on French Guiana

University of London Institute in Paris, 10-11 July 2014

Overseas department of France in Amazonia and "ultraperipheral region" of the EU, French Guiana (Guyane) is at the juncture of Europe, the Caribbean and South America. This conference explores the conceptual situation of Guyane, as a relational space characterised by dynamics of interaction and conflict between the local and the global. Does Guyane have, or has it had, its own place in the world, or is it a borderland which can only make sense in relation to elsewhere: to France and its colonial history, for example, or to African and other diasporas, or as a "margin" of Europe?

Keynote speakers: Richard Price, Sally Price and Bill Marshall.

- Cultural contact and the production of territory
- Guyane in French imperial history
- Guyane in the "metropolitan" imaginary
- New critical perspectives on Léon-Gontran Damas
- Identities and citizenship in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
- Contemporary political geographies

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