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Panel on 'Rethinking Development from a Latin American Perspective' - IPSA World Congress in Canada

Alternautas organised two panels in the 23rd World Congress of Political Science, to be held in Montreal, between 19-24 July, 2014.  The panels, entitled Rethinking Development from a Latin American Perspective will be formed by academics coming from Chile, Switzerland, Ecuador, Germany, Peru, United Kingdom and Canada.

Contemporary challenges associated with the intensifying multidimensional globalization process have triggered the emergence of novel views about development. These range between sharply contrasting poles: on the one, development is desperately pursued as the ultimate socio-political goal; and, on the other, it is questioned as a failed project rooted in Eurocentric premises. As a region in which the most basic forms of deprivation (both material and symbolic) coexist with forms of superabundance and overexploitation, for decades Latin America has been a fertile land for critical readings of mainstream development thinking, shaping both academic and policy trends. From the early Marxist tenets of the Dependency school and the radical questionings of Liberation Theology to the recent (re-)emergence of indigenous-inspired Sumak Kawsay or Buen vivir (Good living), Latin America has experienced and discussed the most disparate ideas and projects around development throughout its history. These critical views go far beyond seeking economic alternatives to a long-standing tradition of extractivism and liberalism, exerting significant influence in the global discursive struggle around the best ways to achieve sustainable human welfare. This panel aims at reflecting on the place of Latin America in global debates about development, seeking to identify, connect, compare and contrast diverse views and approaches, both through theoretical reflection and relevant empirical experiences.

The list of accepted papers to the panels is the following. Rethinking Development from a Latin American Perspective (Section I)

Rethinking Development from a Latin American Perspective (Section II)

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