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CfP: Protections versus Societies

The symposium “Protections versus Societies” invites researchers of history and the social sciences to collaboratively reflect on the history of social protection in Latin America and its contemporary manifestations. The objective will be to deepen our understanding of the debates concerning the history of social protection and reforms of social security, debates which have gained a new depth and urgency over the last decades, originating in regional policies of free trade and agendas of privatization of public health, education, and social security.We want to explore how these and older transformations, present from the 19th century onwards, played a critical part in the process of modifying the way societies were constructed and thought in Latin America. The 19th century mutual societies with their associative function would be one example, as well as the later precarization of public social security arrangements and its impact on the proliferation of the so called “Societies of Risk”. This makes the study of the performative dimension of social protection paramount, with regards to how it led to the extinction, conservation and transformation of different types of societies.

Deadline for submission (max of 3 pages):
15th September

Notification of acceptance:
30th September

Submission of full papers (max of 10 pages):
10st November

Summaries should be sent in English and/or French, indicating your institutional affiliation and current research project.

For further information, please contact the organizing committee.

Organizing and scientific committee

Matias Kitever
Santé, Population, Politiques Sociales (SPPS), EHESS

Thomas Maier
Institute of the Americas, University College London

Diego Ortúzar
Centre de Recherches Historiques (CRH), EHESS

PLACE: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) - Paris, France

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