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Material Matters in Times of Crisis Capitalism: Transnational Feminist and Decolonial Approaches

November 2014 Institute of Sociology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen

The question of materiality has emerged as a central topic in studies concerned with the body, affect, sexuality, bio-politics and digital culture in recent years. Under the umbrella term “new materialism”, this interdisciplinary and multifaceted academic debate seems to have revived a Marxist vocabulary. Yet, the question of why “materiality” matters in times of crisis capitalism is rather absent in this debate.

Starting from the assumption that crisis is not exceptional in capitalism but its constant companion and that it represents the foundation from which the modern/colonial world system has evolved, this conference draws on critical feminist economics and decolonial feminist thought and practice on material matters.

The conference has three inter-related aims: first, to examine from transnational feminist perspectives the impact of the global crisis on people’s livelihoods; second, to explore the theoretical contributions of the triad of feminism, coloniality and political economy; and, third, to consider critical feminist economics and decolonial approaches to thinking alternative economies and convivial futures.

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