Call for Editors for Alternautas!

“Arriba el Sur” by Nicolás García Uriburu -

“Arriba el Sur” by Nicolás García Uriburu -

Alternautas was formed in late 2013 by a group of young scholars who shared the desire to bring to mainstream contemporary discussions of development the valuable contributions from Critical Latin American thinking. For too long, the dominance of the English language has served the reproduction of mainstream Eurocentric and Western frameworks and discourses on development ideas, concepts, and models, or –more generally- of the regulative principles steering the evolution of contemporary societies. Our motivation was, precisely, an attempt to expand such discussions to include the vast and valuable body of relevant and original thinking about such issues from Latin America, or Abya Yala, as its native population used to refer to it. And in this case, the language boundaries proved as difficult to overcome as the regional ones. Alternautas, thus, emerged from a desire to bridge such boundaries, by bringing Latin American intellectual reflections on development to larger, English-speaking, audiences.  In May 2014, our academic blog was launched onto the world wide web:

Over five years later, our virtual community is thriving. Alternautas has organised panels at international conferences, expanded its subscribers and followers in social networks, become a platform to share news and announcements, organised collaborations with other development-related institutions and most importantly, has brought together a consistent and steady flow of contributions on critical development thinking to its peer-reviewed academic blog. The publications are bi-annually collected and published in e-journal issues, under the ISSN: 2057-4924 and archived by the British Library.

All our team members work on an entirely volunteer basis. We are inviting applications for new Editorial Team new members. Ideally, you will:

  • Be interested in bridging cultural and regional boundaries in bringing together and expanding Latin American contributions to global discussions in critical development thinking.

  • Be working in Latin American studies, Politics, Development, Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural studies, Philosophy or a related area. Applications are welcome from young scholars in the social sciences working on critical development and related fields with a clear emphasis on Latin America.

  • Be able to work in English and either Portuguese or Spanish, in order to contribute in writing, translating and editing content for the blog.

  • You should be able to commit to work in a flexible and virtual collaborative team. Normally, you should expect that the time commitment shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours a week and you should be able to join a one hour online meeting once a month.

If you are interested in joining us, send us an email with a brief statement of your interest in our work and a CV to , by July 26th, 2019.

Download the call for Editors in PDF  here.