Pronouncement of Alternautas regarding the political mobilisation in Ecuador

Credit: Juan Pablo Hidalgo (08 de octubre 2019)

Credit: Juan Pablo Hidalgo (08 de octubre 2019)

As members of Alternautas’ Editiorial Board, we want to express our concern on the abuses derived from the national strike in Ecuador, started on the 3rd of October, 2019. We therefore publish the public declaration made by the Colectivo de Geografia Critica del Ecuador (sign below), as well as some links of interest to analyse the situation with the most objective information possible.


Statement Concerning the National Strike in Ecuador (Colectivo de Geografía Crítica del Ecuador)

To the government of the Republic of Ecuador and the national and international community:

We sign this statement to express our deep concern for the events occurring in Ecuador. As professors, students, investigators, artists, activists and companions of diverse social processes, we reject the state of exception and, specifically, the militarization and disproportionate use of police and military force across the country, since the 3rd of October, 2019. The violence used in social repression has been excessive. Military forces are using rubber and conventional bullets, as well as tear gas. Hundreds of Ecuadorians are wounded, more than 490 have been detained, 12 are missing, and at least two people have died, to-date (October 7th).

Consequently, the Office for South America of the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights has reminded the Ecuadorian government that “the use of force must be applied in exceptional cases.” Popular protest, in the face of drastic economic measures declared by the government, do not enter this category.

We also express our deep concern for the possibility of increasing violence in the following days, which will increase the number of those injured, arrested and killed. These consequences will stem from decisions of President Lenín Moreno to intensify repression all over the country. The militarization of rural territories and the recent entry of war tanks to the city center of Quito indicate that the present situation will only worsen.

As citizens of the world who recognize the principles of universal human rights, we demand that the government of Lenín Moreno halt the state of exception and stop police and military violence. This measure violates the right to protest, as well as the right to gather and transit guaranteed in article 98 of the Constitution. We also demand that the Constitutional Court of Ecuador re-evaluate its decision about this measure.

We reiterate our support for social protest expressed in the streets by diverse popular, indigenous, women, worker, peasant, student, feminist and ecologist organizations and movements confronting neoliberal measures imposed by the government, violating social and labor rights and threatening the economy of popular and middle classes.

Finally, we express our deep solidarity with the families and loved ones of those who have been lost in these protests.


You can sign the petition on the following link:


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