Alternautas - Journal Issue No. 1 available

In 2013, we decided to create Alternautas. A group of young scholars from different parts of the world, we came together in the context of critical discussions of development. Our academic and personal journeys, until then unrelated, shared a unifying thread: the necessity to bring to the mainstream, contemporary discussions of development, what we thought were valuable contributions from Critical Latin American thinking. For too long, the dominance of the English language has served the reproduction of mainstream Eurocentric and Western frameworks and discourses on development ideas, concepts, and models, or –more generally- of the regulative principles steering the evolution of contemporary societies. Our motivation was, precisely, an attempt to expand such discussions to include the vast and valuable body of relevant and original thinking about such issues from Latin America, or Abya Yala, as its native population used to refer to it. And in this case, the language boundaries proved as difficult to overcome as the regional ones. Alternautas, thus, emerged from a desire to bridge such boundaries, by bringing Latin American intellectual reflections on development to larger, English-speaking, audiences.  In May 2014, our academic blog was launched onto the world wide web:

Alternautas journey and hopefully an Alternautas community have just started and 2014 has been a very gratifying year. From the emergence of this academic blog, to organizing panels and participating in conferences, as well as creating a platform to share initiatives, thoughts and discussions, Alternautas closed a 2014 with plenty of plans ahead. In light of all our plans, we thought that a good way to start our second year, 2015, would be by binding together the valuable contributions that built up the 2014 blog series of Alternautas. This PDF-edition was thus conceived as a further way to disseminate and share the first year of our journey, to provide a compilation of our writings, which invites to read or re-read them as part of a larger inter-textual landscape. This first issue serves as a logbook of the first year of our journey, recording in a journal the discussions and issues explored in our blog during 2014.

You can see download the PDF here, or click here to read it in ISUU.