Women in Defense of Mother Earth

We are happy to share with you the documentary film "Women in Defense of Mother Earth", directed by Areli Valencia,  Gordon Henderson Postdoctoral fellow at the Human Rights and Education Centre of the university of Ottawa. 

Women in Defense of Mother Earth is a documentary film about the life of a group of peasant women fighting against two mining projects known as Rio Blanco and Quimsacocha (Loma Larga) in Cuenca, Azuay,  Ecuador. Driven by the defense of their livelihoods, sources of subsistence and the ability to choose their own pathways to development, they communally decided to organize themselves as the "Women Defenders of Mother Earth Front", one of the most important women anti-mining  organizations in Ecuador. In a world where the lack of female leadership is omnipresent, the struggle of the "Women Defenders of Mother Earth Front" not only stimulates discussion on the impacts of extractive led-development in the lives of women; but also, helps to make visible the important role of women as agents of social change.